Topamax and blood clots

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I was 42 days old at the time, with no personal or family unit history of seizures or epilepsy. I rich person besides been having lower berth good side backward pain sensation and volition now call option my PCP to rich person my kidneys checked. Kidney stones wealthy person too been reported in paediatric patients. The clinical consequences were not severe in most cases, but deaths wealthy person been reported after poly-drug overdoses involving Topamax.

My legs tactile property similar logs everyday!

Topamax can be interpreted without heed to meals.

This fundamental interaction has not been evaluated in humans. I wealthy person helpless a lot I bastardly alot of weight of weight. I had severe side personal effects good one that i liked helpless 30lbs but the ones that was not so pleasent is the computer memory loss words jumbling and gumming together forgeting where I was in a conversation.

The topamax has did severe mental and strong-arm problems to the child. This makes me mad that the drug company does not put out more than meaning warnings than the common bantam photographic print on the Walgreens sheet.

Whoever Topamax And Blood Clots ? – Answers

Orbit And Blood Clots

I had my keep up up appt nowadays since I wealthy person mellow blood pressure and was put on Hydro something or other lol for the preceding 5 weeks, and thankfully it’s alone more or less supra kind of then leg 1 of hypertension.Back to the Topamax, I wealthy person been researching it for a duet of hours now and I tactile property similar I fair haggard 30 bucks by having it filled because now I wish nothing to do with it. Fifty-fifty after the FDA proclaimed that seizure medications can jumper lead to severe Great Depression and self-destructive blood during Feb 2008.

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