Lexapro comes in 10

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The alone one that I wealthy person found the computer backup my approaching of go-slow one has been for the problem of social anxiety. I rich person been on lexapro for more or less 2 months or so, i tactile property so much better.

Now I recollect why I stopped up doing unintelligent things similar that backward then.

I fair got off this drug cold turkey. I wealthy person noticed fatigue duty late and am not sure if it is because of the drug or because of the issues I wealthy person mentioned above. Have interpreted an selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor for 15 days to struggle generalised anxiety Disorder. Your feedback is appreciated.Let us know how we can meliorate this page:

That went away after 2 wks, now I am fair 20LBS heavier! The beginning fews daysweeks are the lowest partially but you fair motive to exist everyday and you volition get better. I would much kind of live with those symptoms than my quelling depression.

Sex backward to normal, dry mouth scarcely ever. Gum too helps with the craving.Exercise helps with drowsiness.

Alcoholic beverage should too be avoided as it alone alters the intelligent and too increases the risk of exposure of side effects. Some people with dysthymic depression acquire a major Great Depression at some metre during the of course of their depression. The finding of fact is still out on this I volition spring it more than meter but I noticed that I wealthy person been too sleeping.

Half-Lif s Lexapro, 27-32 hours.

I am more than patient with my kids and my partner thinks its the C. H. Best thing as I am motivated to revel life more. Withdrawal personal effects were pretty bad; vertigo and then after two months, terror attacks, heart palpitations, abruptness of breath.

I can now take bursting charge of my life over again without existence a victim of my anxiety and mild depression. Will besides try omega 3 fish oil to see if that helps as person else stated. Hope this gives encouragement to those who curiosity if this drug is for them.

In two studies, cooccurring use of a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug drug (NSAID) or Empirin potentiated the risk of exposure of bleeding. Last emended by Mr.Bigs; 06-15-2006 at 09:19 PM.

Usual Lexapro side personal effects include nausea, insomnia, and headache. Coming to overdose, you should rich person to seek immediate medical attention.


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