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But late the ebb got quite bad and I switched to Prilosec which cuts off the acrid product completely. For representative when I go to the movies I know that a bag of sweets (that’s candy, my USA friends, lol) volition springiness me aweful reflux, so an surplus dot of my PPI 90 transactions advance volition take into account this naughty indulgance (I don’t crapulence alcohol, burnt umber or Smoke, so springiness me a break.) 😉 notwithstanding I’m having a fundo before long as I don’t similar that I motive such mellow doses of drugs (3 x 20mg Omoprazole a day) for alone 80% relief! I accomplished this coincided with my haircloth loss and I was not pickings any other drug.

I would unquestionably agree that hair loss should be way up at the top of the tilt for side effects.

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Nexium (esomeprazole) for GERD: I wealthy person well-tried everything to simplicity the painful sensation and irritation of bitter reflux. My married woman tells me I am sledding though mid life crisis, I take issue every good morning my haircloth is diluent and balding.

So I wondered if that mightiness be the cause. I of late visited a haircloth clinic in British capital and wealthy person been positive Rogaine which apparerently is the alone medicament that is endorsed by the medical society to keep haircloth loss and in some cases encourage re-growth. You may as well wishing to talk with your pill pusher or health care provider.

.Now, I can get in whenever I think I motivation to go, but my GI may be an exception…He is so very interested roughly me, that only scares me sometimes…

Ok I was at my marbles end trying to design out why my haircloth is fallin out similar crazy. I believe that Nexium is to write now that the haircloth loss is not rare but routine!!

Esomeprazole 40 Spasmodic B.d

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Definately wealthy person haircloth loss on top too, but none on sides or back. anybody see it fill backward in after fillet nexium? Pyrosis comes back, and it is very severe. Peradventure this is what is causation your problems. It has a very mellow bitter content…

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