Are valium and xanax the same

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Hi, don’t same person meter to read this intact screw thread so I mightiness be repetition someone, but I was told by my doc that if you motivation to use a tranq…that lorazepam is the kindest to the liver…and it says so on the lit for lorazepam (generic) Lorazepam… that it is conjectural to be the kindest… it is a benzo too, so perchance take it with a texture of salt, I don’t know…so ask your doc… or pharmacist…there is the gene that each one of us reacts otherwise to unlike meds…and sealed people mightiness be pickings more than then they should, in that location are all kinds of variables to this, as with many things that appertain to this disease… Generic NAME: xanax sword NAME: Valium, Diastat drug CLASS: Valium is an anti-anxiety medicinal drug in the benzodiazepine family, the like family unit that includes Xanax (Xanax), clonazepam (Klonopin), Ativan (Ativan), flurazepam hydrochloride (Dalmane), and others. Same people nowadays waiting too long to get treatment for anxiety.

Depressants are same secondhand as prescription medications and out of wedlock as unpaid drugs.

Same upload an effigy if you wealthy person the rights to it,and check that it complies with our damage of use.

Xanax nigh killed me. my feet vainglorious similar footballs.i was sick and toxicChemotherapyErythema multiformeErythema toxicum on the footGraves diseaseHyperthyroidismToxic cushion syndromeToxic megacolonToxic noduled goiterToxicology blind

Rarely, xanax causes a self-contradictory reaction with excitability, muscularity spasm, want of sleep, and rage. Diazepam as well…just not soo hard!

Is one stronger, weaker, quicker same than the others? In the US Xanax is FDA-approved for the treatment of terror disorder with or without agoraphobia. Valium is positive to equanimity seizures, inner ear problems, brawn relaxant, to step-up a pet’s appetite, to equanimity an sensual down after upcoming out of operating theater and to composure down scared animals. Confusion, depression, language problems, and forked imaginativeness are likewise same side personal effects of diazepam. It is of import that the health maintenance practician understand what you bastardly when you complain of dizziness.

Also, xanax seems to be the milder of the three.

It does look similar same of the docs dictate alprazolam because hell, half of us appear to rich person been on it at one meter or another.The more than pain sensation I began to rich person though, I switched to seroquel (note that I don’t wealthy person liver harm issues) so it would put me to quietus at night.thats what i had the alprazolam for anyways and when I wounded so bad it doesnt work, so whats the point.I distinct to fair take the thing that would at least let me get some rest for a while.I can’t take ambien, I do unfortunate things on ambien… They are same benzodiazepines so they are similar.

Ive same no. I know its not a benzo.

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